My artwork takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues. With news stories serving as inspiration, my work is my response to what I see and hear around me. I work, primarily, in wool, though I may use other fibers when necessary to convey the concept of the piece. I use the contrast of the perceived softness, familiarity, and comfort of wool with images of the harshness of the world to convey the ease with which we can slip into the comfort with events and actions that should inspire a fight for progression rather than regression. While everything is political, politics is temporary. My focus is on social and environmental issues that affect flora and fauna, humanity and culture long term. My hope is that my work induces the viewer to consider the aggression we inflict on each other and the planet on which we all are just trying to survive. I was born in Huntington, WV; raised (mostly) in Stafford, Richmond, and Norfolk, Virginia; and now have made my forever home in Chicago, IL.

Shows and Exhibitions

Revolution Exhibition, Bridgeport Art Center Gallery, Chicago, IL (September – November 2020)

LOSS, A Virtual Exhibition, Juror: Felicia Grant Preston, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL (September 2020)

L.I.P. (Life in Progress) 2020 Exhibition, Hairpin Arts Center by AnySquared Projects, Chicago, IL (February – July 2020)

Emerging Artists Exhibition, Morpho Gallery, Chicago, IL (January 2020)

Guest Artist for Ravenswood Art Walk, Blackbird Gallery + Framing, Chicago (September 2019)



“Family Portrait: LUCA and Her Daughters,” Distinguished Artist, Motion issue, ArtAscent, pg. 68 (December 2019)